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1 canale 5V Optocoupler isolation Rel?? Modulo ,High Level

1 canale 5V Optocoupler isolation Rel?? Modulo ,High Level

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1 Channel 5V Optocoupler isolation Relay Module ,High Level

Product description:
1 , the module complies with international safety standards , the load control area and regional isolation tank ;
2 module with opto isolation , triggering more reliable and stable ;
3, using double-sided FR-4 circuit board design, high-end chip production process ;
4, using authentic music song relay control ;
5, with the power and relay instructions , pull off, disconnect does not shine ;
6 , the input signal has a high signal will be the beginning of the common terminal and the normally conducting ;
7 , the relay can control the various devices and the load ;
8 , there is a normally open and one normally closed contact ;
9 , Blue KF301 terminals to the control line is more convenient.
10 Module size : 53x18x18.5mm; Weight : 18g
Module interfaces:
Input section :
VCC: positive power supply ( by relay voltage supply )
GND: power supply is negative
IN: Signal relay module trigger terminal ( high level trigger effective )
Output section :
Normally open (NO): normally open relay , the relay does not suck timely , and the common terminal is disconnected , end suction timely and public switched ;
Common terminal (COM): Common relay ;
Normally closed terminal (NC): normally closed relay , relay no suction timely , and common turn , pulls in the common terminal is disconnected.
High and low meaning:
Refers to a high signal to trigger the trigger terminal (IN) between the negative electrode and a positive supply voltage , typically in a trigger terminal connected to the positive power supply with the trigger , the trigger end of the positive electrode when the voltage reaches the trigger or when voltage relay then pull .
Low voltage trigger refers to OV, or trigger voltage is lower than the voltage supply terminal of the positive and negative power supply terminal signal triggers between low enough to trigger voltage, so that relay , which is usually the a trigger and trigger negative terminal connected to the power supply , the relay will pull .

Electrical parameters:
Current versions of quiescent current voltage trigger voltage trigger current
  5V 4mA 65mA 2-5V 2mA
  9V 5mA 45mA 4-9V 3mA
  12V 5.5mA 42mA 4-9V 3mA
  24V 12mA 35mA 8-24V 3mA

Relay contact capacity: 250V 10A (AC) or 30V 30A (DC) (theoretical maximum load capacity)

AC power connection is recommended 1500W or less, then DC in 200W or less.

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