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Reflective Fotoelettrico Pulsante ?Infrarossi Evitamento Ostacolo Sensore 20NK 3-50CM

Reflective Fotoelettrico Pulsante ?Infrarossi Evitamento Ostacolo Sensore 20NK 3-50CM

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Reflective photoelectric switch ?Infrared obstacle avoidance sensors 20NK 3-50CM

This is a set of transmitter and receiver in a photoelectric sensor. Detection distance can be adjusted according to requirements 1. The sensor has long detection distance, visible light interference is small, cheap, easy assembly and convenient use, can be widely used in robot obstacle avoidance, line piece and other occasions.
Electrical characteristics:
Long: 31MM
Width: 25MM
Thickness: 13MM
Lead length: 45CM
Application case:
1, the production line automatic counting equipment
2, multi-function reminder
3, maze robot
4, kitchen automation system
5, security anti-theft system
Technical parameters:
1, output current DC/SCR/ relay Control output:100mA/5V power supply
2, consumption current DC<25mA
3, response time <2ms
4, pointing angle: less than or equal to 15 degrees, the effective distance of 3-50CM adjustable
5, detect objects: transparent or opaque body
6, working environment temperature: -25 ~+55 C
7, the standard test objects: 10000LX below the incandescent light 3000LX
8, shell material: plastic

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