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2.5KW Elettromagnetico Heater

2.5KW Elettromagnetico Heater

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2.5KW Electromagnetic Heater

1: external dimensions: 194*102*90 (L * w * h)
2: working voltage: 220V current 10-11A
3: power (adjustable): 2100W-2500W
4: load inductance: 130-140uH (with the victory of the BICTOR6243+ inductance meter measurement)
5: conversion efficiency >90
6: working frequency: 20-25kHZ
7: working temperature: -10 degrees to +50 degrees
8: Work: continuous heating
9: surge protection -+1500V
10: anti clutter interference: 4000V heating body,
11: the induction coil to install from the 15-20mm heater (with epoxy insulation cotton pressing plate thickness)
12 groups of coils are wound on the same heating body, and the distance between the coils is greater than 6 cm,
13:4 square line, about the effective length of 12-14 meters, the general use of 13.5-14 meters inductance is just a parameter, in fact, to measure the line current, the line current 10-11A
Then the inductance table (Victor 6243+) measuring the input current of rated input current, if not to reach through the potentiometer clockwise regulation, regulation, if the current value is smaller, it can not be adjusted, may be too large inductance, to reduce the inductance. The inductance is reduced, that is, to reduce the number of turns of the coil, the current into the wire, increasing the coil turns Two, wiring instructions
1, the three lights, as "power light", "work light", "fault light". "Power light" and "working light" are on during normal operation. "Fault light". When the circuit failure occurs, "fault light" in the flashing lights.
2, the power 220V is connected to the 220V AC on the column, regardless of the FireWire zero line access.
3, the coil is connected to the two ends of the coil, the screws must be tightened.
4, Moto Sako factory set for power supply that can work, at this time, "switch control" socket outlet has a short route (black) will be short circuit. Can also gently remove "short route switch control" on the socket by hand (black), will be an end of line line two core plug to switch control socket, two normally open contacts on the other end of the two plug to the thermostat, connected to the test machine use